5 Free Professional Tools For Everyone

Most of you are doing jobs or about to begin a professional career. Whether you do a job or start your own business, you need to stick with professionalism to climb the ladder of success. That is why we are here to tell you about a few professional tools/software you must know.


 Canva is an easy-to-use tool; one can create social media campaigns, banners, presentations, posts, resumes, infographics, etc., with the help of this tool.


Initially, Jira was designed for developers to keep a check on bugs and issues; with time, Jira got converted into a project management tool as well. Now you can create a project and tasks under it and assign it to a person.

Microsoft Excel

In Excel sheets, one can perform various calculations quite easily with all its functions. Another interesting feature of Microsoft Excel is that you can perform Data Analysis without any hassle.

Google Docs

Google Docs is not just for writing purposes; rather, it's a tool that can help everyone to keep track of the work done by the team. Google Docs provides real-time editing and writing. In addition to this, team members can work on a single document simultaneously.


It is a wonderful tool to check and eliminate all grammatical errors from any piece of writing. In the free version of this tool, you can remove all grammatical issues, spelling errors, and punctuation errors.


Nowadays, it is significantly important to bring professionalism to the work we do. Whether you are a student or doing a job, you have to stick with a professional attitude to become successful.

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